Effect:   A spectator is asked to think of a person's first and last name. The performer attempts to write down the initials and fails. He redeems himself by sprinkling pepper on the back of the spectator's hand and then shaking some pepper off revealing the initials in the remnants of the pepper left on the spectator's hand.


Materials: You need the Bare sharpie, a regular sharpie, and a blank business card.


Set Up: On the blank side of the business card write down any two letters and then lightly scratch them out. You are now ready to perform.


Performance: You come out with the business card and the Bare sharpie, hiding the two previously written letters. You tell them to think of any person's first and last name. Pretend to write down two letters on the business card. In reality you are just hovering above the business card with the sharpie. After you finish fake writing the letters ask them to tell you the name they thought of. At this point you want to make it look like you are jokingly trying to fix  what you wrote down. You laugh and quickly cross out what you wrote. What you are actually doing at this point is writing down the initials of the person on the base of your palm. You will not write them down normally however. You need to write down the second initial first and also both have to be written backwards like a mirror image. This is so that when you stamp the spectator it will appear the right way. After the joke and you crossing out the letters you can show what’s written on the business card for the first time. You ask them to hold out their hands and hold the business card in between their hands. You then tell them to press tightly while you physically press their hands together. This is the moment with which you stamp the spectator. You snap your fingers and ask them to turn the business card over. It doesn’t change. You then tell them you are going to use your backup plan. You tell them to make a fist. You pour some pepper on the back of their hand. Once the pepper is on their hand you gently shake their fist allowing most of the pepper to fall off leaving only the initials. As they react you rub the rest of the pepper off and they can now feel that there is nothing sticky on them.