OB Mad Libs

To begin, you will need to print up several copies of the Mad Libs papers.  Then in a prediction envelope you will put 7 papers, the papers will have predictions written on them as follows:

Drawing of a Circle

Drawing of a Triangle

Drawing of a Square

Chicken nuggets

Bowl of spaghetti


Washing machine

We suggest making the prediction with a triangle slightly longer than the rest of the papers.  When you are performing, the spectator will be genuinely filling out a mad libs, but you will be predicting things that were already printed in the mad libs.  This dual reality would likely fly every time, but to really sell it to the spectator on stage the first and final predication will be multiple outs. After they have filled out the mad libs paper have them read each sentence and stop when they reach a period.  The first blank will ask them to fill in a simple shape.  You will use multiple outs to match what they have said. If you wish to include more multiple outs so that you will be more likely to β€œhit” you easily can.  You will remove the shape they have named and place it in front of the envelope and show the audience at large.  Then turn to the spectator to show them you have correctly predicted what they filled in.  Then mention that you will pick up the pace.  Have them read each sentence and pull out the corresponding prediction showing only the audience.  Their reaction will make your on stage spectator believe you are correctly guessing what they wrote each time.  The final line asks them to write the same simple shape.  You will simply cycle this image to the front of the stack to reconfirm and you can now turn to your spectator and thank him for helping you.  He will only see the shape at the top of the stack of predictions and will not realize the dual reality deception you have just got away with.  This effect is extremely easy and requires little on your part in the way of method, so you can focus mostly on presentation and really enjoy this fooling piece of mentalism.